Strip earth and Fire with Kandie, Julie, and Ashley

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Here's a game we haven't seen in awhile, played by three of our most popular players. Ashley, Julie, and Kandie are playing earth and Fire. The girls do a rock-paper-scissors type throw, but they can only throw earth (closed ) or Fire (two fingers extended.) If they all match, they throw again. Otherwise, the two that match gang up on the loser for a fixed amount of time, tearing off her clothes and playing with her body. After time expires, they throw again. First girl to be unable to stop herself from having an orgasm loses.

This one's more about the game than the forfeit, but the loser still suffers an additional penalty as she's paddled by the inners. In addition, as long as the loser isn't Ashley (who still adamantly refuses to go there), she suffers the indignity of having a butt plug shoved up her ass prior to the paddling.