Strip Tile and Error with Candle, Graham, Kitty, and Isobel

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Let's start with the game. These four girls return to play a new game, Tile and Error, played with these beautiful tiles Hippo made me, with ten tiles each in four suits: dresses, bras, panties, and diamonds. The idea was that each girl would get one suit of tiles, and each round, they'd pick a tile to play and whoever had the lowest tile would strip. There'd be a bit of strategy and bluff as the girls tried to just barely outplay each other, or toss their lowest-valued tiles under the other girls' high ones. Didn't work out that way. The girls found it too complicated and just each round, played a tile at random. Oh well. If anyone has ideas for more interesting games that can be played with these tiles, shoot me an email.

And then there was the forfeit. The plan was to play to two losers, who'd have a classic orgasm race, straddling a massager and pressing it into each other until one of them couldn't help herself and came. The loser of that race was to be paddled. That didn't quite work out either. For starters, the losers (Isobel and Graham) both have iron wills and will not succumb to the forced orgasm, at least not like this. After awhile, the losers get bored and decide to turn the tables, forcing one of the winners (Candle) to endure the massager until she can't hold out anymore, and gives in to an orgasm which makes her squirt all over her leg and the floor. Finally, since somebody was supposed to get a paddling, they deliver it to the remaining winner, although it's a bit of an anticlimax -- no pun intended.