Strip Fuck-It with Angel and Lance

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Poor, pregnant Angel. She's just gotten skunked by Brianna, winning zero of four. She's given us an anatomy lesson using her body as the model, she's been hogtied and vibrated, she's gotten reamed with a glass dildo, and she's been forced to parade before the public in a very, very skimpy swimsuit.

Now the day is done, and it's time to go. Angel's babydaddy Lance came by to pick her up, and she complained to him, long and loud, about her ill luck. Then she challenged him to a game, hoping that if she couldn't beat Brianna, she could at least take Lance.

If she wins, she gets some nice pussy-eating from Lance to soothe her wounded pride. But if she loses, it's down on her knees to pay her debt by giving Lance a blowjob. Either way, we get to watch. Did Angel win, and obliterate her winless record?