Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Kendra and Natalie

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These two dommes meet for a rematch. The loser of the last game is eager to avenge her defeat and humiliation. The winner of the last game, on the other hand, is eager to double up and inflict even greater punishment on the loser. It's a no-holds-barred all-out war of Rock-Paper-Scissors, with the loser forced to submit to the winner's torments.

The winner was Kendra. Revenge is sweet. And what does she do to the hapless loser? I'll put it in spoiler tags in case you'd prefer to be surprised: After binging the loser's arms behind her back using her stockings, the winner uses a flogger on the loser's tits and pussy. Then she whips out an interestsing little device that I think may originally developed for dentistry, which forces the wearer to keep her mouth open. There's also a wooden dildo (lubricated by spit), some spring-loaded clamps on the loser's pussy lips, some smacking, some fingering, and some good old fashioned paddling. And that's not all. Includes some bonus super slo-mo footage of the loser's flesh helplessly jiggling as the winner takes her pleasure.