Strip Mogadishu with Betty and Veronica

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Here's something we've been wanting to do for awhile but hadn't gotten around to yet: a completely outdoor game and forfeit. It was risky, too: we were in full view of cars driving by on the nearby road. Fortunately, the police were not called.

Veronica and Betty return to play this outdoor game. It was a bit chilly and wet, with a remnant of snow still on the ground, but that's all the more incentive for the girls to win. The loser (the lovely Betty) is forced to do a vigorous and revealing outdoor exercise routine.

Please note that there are a few glitches in this video. For one, there are a handful of inexplicably red frames scattered throughout. For another, we didn't have the right equipment (i.e. a wind screen) to be shooting outdoors on a fairly windy day, so there's a lot of wind noise in the audio. Sorry about that.