Strip Musical Chairs with Seven Girls and Three Guys

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Seven girls (Aubrey, Belle, Cherry, Devon, Julie, Starli, and Violet) and three guys (Johannes, Skittles, and Troy) dance around a row of chairs until the music stops. When it's over, two players will be left standing, and those two must strip each other. One of the girls, I'm sorry to say, sustains an injury while attempting to remove a guy's belt with her teeth, but she's a trooper and insisted on continuing to play, broken incisor or no.

It should be noted that the music I used for the game was composed by a fan, who goes by the name of Peanut. I've been unable to reach him, but he's entitled to a free copy of this clip for his contribution, so Peanut, if you're out there, send me an email.

They play the game until they have five losers (Julie, Troy, Devon, Violet, and Starli) who then have to put on a nice long masturbation show for the winners (and us). Things get pretty wild…