Strip Barracuda with Whitney and Alexis

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Whitney and Alexis are back to play the last game of this series. Their men AJ and Tony are here, but just to spectate, to provide moral support to their ladies, and to enjoy the show.

The game is Strip Barracuda, which we haven't played in awhile. Each player has five face-down cards. They play rock-paper-scissors, with the winner trying to get to the end of her row of cards by correctly guessing whether each will be higher or lower. It's similar to a game show from the 1980s, also named after a predatory fish. Be warned that the game runs pretty long. There's some decent banter and interaction between the players and spectators, but if you like the games quick and fast-paced, this one probably isn't for you.

Once a loser is determined (finally), she has to lie on the floor on her back, while the winner gets to sit on her face and enjoy being eaten. The guys just have to sit back and enjoy the view. The loser was Alexis. (The astute viewer will note that with this penalty, even the winner has to take off her panties. What a shame.)