Hot Grapefruit

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PARRRTY! Mark's birthday party continues with another game: Hot Grapefruit. It's like Hot Potato, except instead of passing a potato, the players are passing a grapefruit. Wedged between neck and chin. They have to hold it while the next player runs up and takes it with his or her own neck, and so on, while music plays. If the grapefruit is dropped or the music stops, whichever two are trying to pass it lose and have to take off a piece of clothing.

Nine players (Troy had to sit this one out) take on the challenge. The forfeit keeps with the agricultural theme: we've got a bunch of produce for the losers to fuck. Carrots, celery, bananas, zuchinni for the girls, and melons for the guys. At first, the guys tried to back out of this one, but the girls were having none of it and forced them to play. A lot of the players seemed to think that the idea of fucking groceries was weird and kinky, so I decided that most of them should get to experiece it. I made them play to six losers (Belle, Cherry, Johannes, Skittles, Starli, and Violet)) and then it's on with the unnatural acts of flora fornication.

As usual with this crowd, things got a bit crazy. (I know, right? Six naked people on a couch having sex with fruit, and somehow things got out of hand?) It was a hell of a time.