Strip Elefino with Erica, Anastasia, and Fern

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Newbie Anastasia returns with Fern and Erica. After my last effort to get Anastasia stripped failed, thanks to her unexpected basketball skills, I was even more determined to make it happen this time. Look, usually I'm a lot more sporting than this, trying not to play favorites with the players, but something about Anastasia just got to me and made me really, really want her to lose her clothes and be forced to reveal her naked body.

So, the game was Elefino, another game which favors the tall. And to make sure that equally-short Fern didn't pay the price alone again, this game was played to two losers. To avoid nudity and defeat, Anastasia would have to beat both of her opponents. Yeah, like I said, not very sporting. Did it work? It sure did. Anastasia and Fern ended up the losers.

The winner got to put the losers through an exercise/calisthenics routine. At times, it got a bit awkward, but the losers definitely had to expose intimate areas they'd have preferred to keep private.