Strip Memory with Jacqueline and Dahlia

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As soon as the cameras stopped rolling on this one, intern Casper said that it was the hottest he'd ever seen at I'm not sure I share his opinion -- I've seen some pretty hot here -- but it's definitely up there.

The game is Strip Memory. (These girls are pretty bad at it.) The loser has to go down on the winner. The thing is, these girls aren't gay. They may have done some experimenting, as young women often do, but it's not like either of them has a lot of experience of sex with girls. Certainly they'd never had sex with each other. The point is that the winner was totally unprepared for what she'd feel as soon as the loser's mouth found her pussy.

It was amazing to watch. Before long, both girls had forgotten the cameras and we were left with one of the most beautiful and sexiest girl-on-girl scenes ever. The winner (who was Dahlia) was going crazy, trying to restrain herself and failing, and so overwhelmed that she was nearly sobbing. At the end, when she just couldn't take any more, she was clutching the winner and gasping, "it's never been like that before, never." I hope I didn't ruin her for men.