Strip High Card with Erica, Fern, and Anastasia

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So when these three tight-limited girls came over to play, I made up my mind to have them play a game outdoors. It was early June, the weather had been spectacular, and I figured it'd be a great day for some outdoor nudity. Unfortunately, the weather threw us a curve. We hit a strange cold snap, and it was also very windy. It would've been very uncomfortable for a girl to have to strip outdoors in that, so I canceled the outdoor game.

Ha ha! Just kidding. Like I'd ever let the girls off the hook because of a little unseasonable coolness. Besides, cold air is great for bare nipples. So out the door they went, to play a game of Strip High Card. Lowest card loses a piece of clothing, courtesy of the highest card, who gets to strip it off her.

Now, I need to say that we still don't have the right equipment for recording quality audio outdoors (especially when it's windy) so don't expect the best sound. Also, some dude in a Cessna was circling overhead, which didn't help the audio but I hope he at least got some nice views as the girls got more and more naked.

This is a two-parter. They play Strip High Card until we have two losers (Anastasia and Fern). Those losers have to do a somersault race across the lawn, tumbling as fast as they can to beat the other girl to the finish line. The loser of the race (Fern) gets secured to the door and mercilessly tickled. And just for the record, I made a mistake with the tickling. We had a girl tied up, about to get tickled (which she explicitly told us she absolutely hated) so I figure it'd be a good idea to give her a safeword ("pineapple"), but I neglected to tell her that the safeword should only be used in the most dire circumstances, when things are so bad that she no longer consented to the activity. So when things got too agonizing, she safeworded. We let her recover and then came at her again until she couldn't take it anymore, then repeat. There's still some good tickling, just less of it than I would've liked. Next time, screw a safeword, she can suffer.