Strip Snapper with Lakota, Hannah, Siren, and Michelle

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These four girls are back for their second game. (Actually, this wasn't their second game, but a fan requested that I move it up in the production queue, so here it is.

The game is Snapper. The girls go fishing, trying to hook all of another girl's fish before all of their own are caught. Loser strips. They keep playing until we have two naked losers.

What do they have to do? Well, remember the slingshot swimsuits, aka the Boratkinis? Both losers (Hannah and Siren) have to put them on and then go to the extremely crowded bar to get some drinks... after getting drawn on by the winners, of course. Bystanders gawk and whip out their camera phones. These swimsuits, by the way, were first suggested to me by a fan named Eric, which I told the girls, so if you hear them mentioning him, that's why.

This is the HIGH DEFINITION version, presented in intoxicating 1280x720. The standard version is available (after 2 September 2012) for a buck less.