Strip Candy-Passing with Cory, Candle, and Ashley

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Last time we saw Ashley and Candle, they were being introduced for the first time to play a game with a hot (literally) penalty. This time they're joined by Cory to increase the hotness by 50%.

They play Candy Passing. Two of the girls pass a candy between their mouths (while making out) with the third girl having to guess which one of them ends up with it. If she guesses right, they have to strip. If she guesses wrong, she does.

The loser is the first (but by no means the last) to try out a new forfeit: she has to put on a "slingshot-style" bathing suit and parade around in public. Personally, I've never seen Borat, but more than one girl called it the Borat swimsuit. It was fairly early in the morning, so we sent the loser down to get some breakfast and entertain the early-morning patrons.

The loser, by the way, was Cory, and it wasn't particularly close.