Battlestrip with Bob and JC

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Bob thinks he's got psychic powers. He proves it by watching a game of Candy Passing (Episode 124), he was able to pick out the girl with the candy every time. Hardly conclusive, but he's an optimist.

JC (not to be confused with Je C) is skeptical. She doesn't believe he's clairvoyant and says so. The challenges escalate until they're playing a game of Battlestrip. And the winner gets to do whatever he or she wants to the loser.

JC invites her gay friend Ray to spectate, and they're off. Right off the bat, Bob finds out that his powers aren't quite as reliable as he thought they were. But he gamely keeps playing, until we have a loser, who was Bob. So much for ESP.

So the loser has to submit to whatever the winner wants. What happens?