Strip Blackjack with Kendra and Natalie

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Meet new girls Kendra and Natalie (not to be confused with Natalia.) They're an interesting couple of ladies. Both girls are mistresses. Both girls love dominating others. But after this game, one of them will have to submit to the other. One girl gets to have her fun, while the other has no choice but to let it happen.

The game they play is blackjack. Before we got started, I wanted to make sure they both knew the rules, and they both assured me they did. Well, knowing the rules isn't the same thing as being good at the game, and one of the girls really did not have a clue as to good blackjack strategy. (Protip: never hit a hard 17.) As a result, she (spoiler: Kendra) lost convincingly. What humiliation was in store for her? I'll put it behind a spoiler tag unless you'd prefer to be surprised: a lot of barehanded slaps to the ass and tits. The loser being led around by a leash on her hands and knees like a . Forced foot-licking. Slaps with a strap. Oh, and a ball gag. And maybe one or two other things I forgot.