Strip Pod Stomp with Serengeli, Jerome, Fern, and Jelly

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Fresh meat! Fern is back, and she's brought friends. There's her boyfriend Jerome -- at least, he was her boyfriend at the time. I don't know if they're still together. There's Jelly, mere weeks past her eighteenth birthday. Adn there's Serengeli, the only one of this group old enough to drink.

The game is Pod Stomp. They play until there are two naked losers, then each of the winners picks a loser and gets to draw all over her (or him. When their masterpieces are complete, the crew got to vote on which one did made a more impressive work of art. The loser, plus the loser's "canvas", both get paddled by the other two. It's like two games in one.

If you need a spoiler, the losers of the Pod Stomp game were Fern and Serengeli. The losers of the art contest were Serengeli and Jelly.