Julie Candid Before the Party

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Before the big party, before Episodes 278, 279, 285, 290, and 300, there was the limo ride from Portland to Seattle. And before that, I mailed a video camera to Julie with a request to film anything she felt like filming. And boy, did she feel like filming.

While waiting for the limo to show up, she started feeling frisky, so she decided to masturbate with a vibrator. And being such a wonderful sport, she filmed it for us. Then, after getting herself off, she filmed herself showering, braiding her long hair, and getting dressed.

The party was also, sad to say, Julie's last shoot with LostBets.com as a player. She will be missed. But to send her off with our gratitude, every penny this episode earns during September 2012 will be paid directly to her. We won't keep a dime. This is a present for a beautiful and talented girl, who helped make LostBets.com what it is today. Thank you, Julie. We love you.