Strip Hi-Lo with Ten Girls and Five Guys

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Behold our biggest game yet! Fifteen (count 'em) players gather to play a mammoth game of Hi-Lo. A big card is propped on an easel, and the players take turns guessing whether the next card will be higher or lower. Guess wrong, lose an article of clothing.

There's also a joker in the deck, which forces whichever player is unlucky enough to draw it to strip all the way down to one piece of clothing, or naked if they only have one piece left. Footwear counts, but comes off last.

From left to right, the players are Damiana, Daria, Chester, Willow (formerly Cherry), Skittles, Belle, Mika (hidden behind Belle), Johnannes, Fallon, Aubrey, Priscilla, Buck, Scarlett, Starli, and Adrian. They play until there are five losers (Chester, Belle, Scarlett, Willow, and Mika). Then the ten winners stand in a line with their legs open, forming a tunnel, and the losers have to crawl through it while the winners spank. I thought that the spanking gauntlet worked so well that I ordered the losers to go through five more times each. At the end, five nicely red asses were lined up in a row for us.