Battlestrip with Leda and Alice

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Two big girls play a game with very big consequences, at least for the loser!

It's Battlestrip. The shots are fired, the ships are sunk, the clothes come off. And once a fleet is destroyed and a player is naked, the razors come out. The loser gets her head shaved completely, totally bald.

Yes, bald. First a clipper is used to shear off the locks, leaving almost nothing. Then, shaving cream and a razor. I bought a razor that was specifically marketed as being good for head shaving, but it turns out it sucked. The loser ends up with very unflattering and uneven patchy stubble. Then (after the winner dresses), the loser has to put on a teeny tiny micro-bikini and go downstairs to the hotel bar and outside to the taxi stand to show off her new look and proclaim, "I LOST MY HAIR AT LOSTBETS.COM!"

This is completely legit. The game was fair in every way, and both players were at equal risk of having to do the forfeit, although the ohe player's nervousness which caused her to misplace several pegs did not help her chances. The loser was Alice. Poor Alice, those long blond tresses took years to grow. Don't feel too bad for her: she knew what she was getting into, and she did steal a little revenge for herself at the end.