Strip Memory with Fern, Jelly, and Serengeli

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Anyone hungry?

18-year-old Fern, 18-year-old Jelly, and 22-year-old Serengeli are back, to test their memories against each other. (18-year-old Jerome sits this one out and spectates. Nobody particularly wanted him to do the forfeit for this one.)

They try to find each other's clothing in a grid of cards, looking for matches. When a match is made, the girl who found the match gets to strip that piece of clothing off of its owner. When all of a girl's cards have been matched, she'll be naked and exposed.

The loser (who was Jelly, who makes a very cute loser) has to serve as a naked sushi buffet. She lies down on her back and is covereed with sushi, and then the other two girls, Jerome, and the crew all dig in. Yummy.