Strip Spinner with Ten Girls

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In an epic followup to epic episode 301, the ten girls return to compete in a game of pure chance: Strip Spinner. When the dial lands on your color, you have to strip.

Scarlet, Daria, Belle, Willow, Starli, Priscilla, Mika, Damiana, Aubrey, and Fallon (from left to right) come to play, and the stakes are high. The loser is gonna get gangbanged by the five gentlemen. And a couple of the ladies, who strap on to take part. They all give it to the loser, who was Starli.

A word about the gangbang. These people aren't professional porn stars, they're amateurs. So the gangbang wasn't exactly the most technically proficient one ever committed to film. Some of the guys had difficulty getting the job done in front of a crowd of people. And there's no money shot, so if you really need to see semen spurting out of a dude's cock, you probably won't care for this one. But if you like to see amateurs having a lot of fun and doing their best, this one is a keeper. Good stuff.