Strip Ball Blast with Fern and Salem

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Cute little 18-year-old Latina Fern is back, and so is Salem, sporting a new hairstyle and a new attitude. I told both of these girls that if they wanted to return to LostBets, they'd need to stretch their limits a little, and they reluctantly agreed. This is the first game featuring them being a little more daring in what they're willing to risk. Wait 'til you see where they go in future games.

They play a new game, Ball Blast. It's kind of similar to Pod Stomp (and Puck Off) but there are five little balls that get ejected out of the game, and then the game tells the player which balls to put back in what order. It involves a lot of bending down, which makes for some nice views.

The forfeit was suggested on the blog ( by fan OD 99x. The loser is blindfolded and has to endure a fetish electrical shock device applied directly to the pussy. I love it when I can fulfill fan requests, especially for torturous things like this. I can tell the girls not to blame me, blame the fan with the idea. And they did. The loser (who was Fern) cursed him out good. The winner wasn't too happy either... I don't think she was using the device properly and managed to get several shocks to her fingers herself.

Do you have any ideas of things you'd like to see? Post them on the blog, and they just might become reality.

This is the HIGH DEFINITION version, presented in electrifying 1280x720. The standard version is available (after 11 November 2012) for a buck less.