Strip Starving Hippos with Fern, Anastasia, and Erica

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It's been way too long sine we've done a wet and messy forfeit. Usually wen we do wet 'n' messy, we've got a theme: hot and condiments, cake batter and frosting, sundae toppings. This time, the theme was "whatever random crap we found at the local warehouse store." This included a whole lot of chocolate syrup, two different kinds of salad dressing (ranch and Catalina), spaghetti sauce, pancake syrup, mustard, and whipped cream. Mmm mmm good.

All of this stuff get dumped on the loser. Competing to see who will be the dumpers and who will be the dumpee are two Latinas, one statuesque and one slender, Erica and Fern. Joining them is Fern's shy friend Anastasia. The game is Starving Hippos. Two marbles are dropped at a time, and whoever ends up with a marble gets to tell someone else to strip. I like using "winner picks who strips" as a rule because while it's not exactly unfair, it does encourage the girls to gang up, especially if one' been winning a lot and the others are eager for revenge. In this case, there was particular outcome I was hoping for, and I got it.