Strip Earth and Fire with Cyndi, Grace, and Eve

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Earth and Fire is back! If you haven't seen it before, here's how it works. (Even if you have seen it before, I've tweaked the rules a bit.) Three girls do a rock-paper-scissors-style throw, except they can only throw a closed (earth) or two extended fingers (fire). If all three throw the same thing, they throw again. If not, two of them will match and one will be the odd one out. The two that match gang up on the odd one out, and get to do whatever they want to her for 20 seconds. Then they throw again, and this time the winners have their way with the loser for 25 seconds. The next round, 30, then 35, and so forth, with the winners getting increasingly longer times to do what they want with the loser's increasingly turned-on body. The first person who can't resist any longer and succumbs to orgasm is the loser.

Cyndi, Eve, and Grace are back to play their second game. They're enthusiastic about it, and play to win. The loser, who's had her orgasm, has to satisfy the winners with her mouth. Slurp, slurp.