Strip Beer Pong with Jelly, Jerome, Fern, and Serengeli

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We're calling it beer pong, but really, it's water pong. Three of the four players are 18 years old, too young to legally drink alcohol, and we're nothing here at if not law-abiding. Only 22-year-old Serengeli has beer in her cups, the rest have to make do with water.

It's a team game, as Jelly and Jerome face off against Fern and Serengeli. The cups get hit, the beer (or water) gets drunk, the clothes come off. It comes right down to the wire, with Jelly's panties the only article of clothing left when it's all over and Fern and Serengeli are the losers. The losers get bound in doorjamb handcuffs side-by-side while the winners tickle them.

I have to admit that this isn't the most successful tickling forfeit we've done. One of the winners (Jelly) gets kneed in the face by the loser she's tickling and has to bail. If you're looking to see a lot of uncontrollable shrieks from a helpless tormented tickle-victim, this isn't the right episode. But it is funny, and very real.