Strip Blackjack with Candle and Tori

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You know the problem with using blackjack as a stripping game at Everybody thinks they know how to play it, but quite a few people (especially cute young women) don't. So before the game, when I try to tell them, "Okay, so here are the rules," they don't really pay attention. Then they make little screwups like not turning over their cards right away when dealt blackjack, or not immediately announcing when they bust, or whatever. So if this isn't the most perfect game of blackjack ever played, that's why.

Cute dimpled blonde Candle and voluptuous redhead Tori are back for a rematch, playing strip blackjack. The ultimate loser has to submit to the winner as she wields a glass dildo on her. As it turns out, the loser seems to be extra-sensitive to cold hard glass in her pussy, and after she's warmed up and turned on and driven crazy, she grabs the dildo and finishes herself off as the winner strums her clit.