Strip Memory with Fern and Salem

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Here's another request from a fan. Thanks for the idea, "kinkfan." If you have ideas or requests, post them on our blog and they just might become reality.

Fern and Salem put their memories to the test a they bet their clothing on their ability to remember where cards are located. These two have had a long day, with electric shocks, oral sex, forced orgasms, and Sybian rides, so for this one I decided to give the a break and go with a simpler forfeit. All the loser has to do is walk back and forth across the room three times. (Actually, we made her do it a fourth time in addition, but that's not important right now.)

The catch is that a rope has been stretched across the room a bit over waist high, and the loser has to straddle it as she does her penalty. She's forced to stretch way up on tiptoe to keep the rope from painfully digging into her crotch as her pussy slides along it, the rope splitting her lips. And she has to deal with the many clit-bumping knots we tied in the rope, just for fun.