Team Challenge with Team Scorpions vs. Team FTPA (part 1)

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Finally, it's the grand finale to our massive, 15-player party! So big it won't fit in a single video, it's a worthy climax.

It all starts with our master of ceremonies, Skittles, introducing our team captains. Johannes leads Team Scorpions, while Belle is at the helm of Team Fuck The Pain Away. The captains take turns drafting their teammatesm until w'eve got two teams of seven.

Each round, a physical challenge is drawn at random, challenges like "Sticky Noses", "Bite Me", and "2 Girls, 40 Cups." Each team picks a champion to compete, and whichever champion fails will cost their team an article of clothing.

It's a wild and raucous game, but that's nothing compared to the penalty round that follows. I've assembled a large pile of toys from the collection, and the winners get to go to town on the losers with them however they want. It's not long before it's turned into a full-blown orgy. There's fucking. There's sucking. There's spanking. There are strap-ons.

Too big to fit into a single movie, this game has been split in two. This is Part 1, consisting of the game. Part 2, available separately, features the forfeit.