Strip Dueling Balls with Cheyenne and Dre

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She's back! Dre is one of our best trash-talkers and she's returned to to break in newbie Cheyenne. They're playing a brand new game: Duelling Balls. The plaeyrs are wearing vests with Velcro® strips, and they throw foam balls at each other. Stick a ball to your opponent's vest and she has to strip.

I'm not sure about this game, and would welcome feedback on whether I should use it again. For one, the vests kind of cover the tits, which IMO is never a good thing. For another, the game gets too tough after the players get the hang of defense. It gets nearly impossible for the girls to score points, so we switched to a sudden- format which worked better.

The loser has to masturbate for us. At first, she does this with her hands, but she has a hard time getting herself off no matter how frantically she shoves her fingers inside herself, and the winner gets impatient. She makes her use the massager on herself (after forcing her to show the camera how wet and sitcky her fingers have gotten) which soon has her moaning and crying out as the winner laughs at her and gets some good closeups of her dripping pussy.