Strip Pod Stomp with Caroline, Catherine, Kimberly

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Three luscious, voluptuous girls face off against each other for the first time. Caroline is making her debut, and is eager to find out what it's all about. Catherine made her debut in 2010, and has maintained a pretty impressive win record since then. Kimberly is one of our longest-running veterans, first appearing all the way back in Episode 039, but we haven't seen her in nearly four years. Lots of people have asked to see more of her, and I'm happy to be able to bring her back. She's always been a full-figured girl, but she's put on a few pounds since we've seen her last, and I think it's made her even more shy and reluctant to be exposed in front of everybody.

The loser of this one is going to get strapped down to a chair with plastic wrap, and then the other two tickle her without mercy. None of them wants to lose, and all of them are highly motivated, and extremely competitive. They trash-talk and taunt each other throughout, doing their best to embarrass the losers. It works great.