Strip High Card with Catherine, Kimberly, and Caroline

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Have you ever heard of a "C thong"? I hadn't, until a fan suggested it as a forfeit. It's a pretty cool device (although I'm not sure it's technically a "thong") consisting of a piece of springy fabric in the shape of the letter C. If a girl clamps it on her crotch, her privates are covered. Technically. Sort of. I guess.

Well, not really. A girl wearing one of these things is as close to naked a it's possible to be without risking a charge of indecent exposure. Which is why these girls desperately wanted to avoid being forced to parade around in public with nothing but C-thongs and tiny pieces of pink duct tape to shield their nipples.

It's a game of pure chance, so it's not like they have any control over their destiny, but that doesn't stop them from being nervous as the cards are flipped and the clothes come off. The game is very close and there's a lot of great taunting as the girls get more and more exposed. The losers get embarrassing things drawn on them, and then the winner (who gets to dress) takes them down to the bar to hang out. Ouch.