Strip Pool with Paige and Madson

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Meet two new girls! Paige is a tall brunette Southerner. Madison is a total amateur who's never been naked on camera before. One of them will expose it all as they play Strip Pool.

Madison is a friend of Johnny's girlfriend Delilah. Delilah can't play, but that doesn't mean she can't refer her friends, and then watch gleefully as they're stripped. She's there (off-camera) drinking and enjoying the show. When Madison loses her bra, she thought to use her long hair to preserve some of her modesty, but Delilah was having none of that, and pulled Madison's hair behind her shoulders to bare her chest as soon as she could.

The loser of this one had to sing an embarrassing song in the nude, called "Everyone Can See Me Nude", about how everyone can see her nude. The song was written by fan Dex, who posted the lyrics on our blog. Thanks, Dex! If you have any suggestions or ideas, visit the blog yourself! You just might see them become reality.