Strip Basketball with Paige and Madison

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Last time we saw cute young amateur Madison, she was busy beating the pants off of Paige at pool and making her sing. Now, I like it when cute young amateurs end up naked at, so I figured I'd pit these two against each other in a game of basketball. Paige is several inches taller than Maddie, so basketball should be an easy win for her, right? Well, as soon as I announced the game, Madison lit up and said she used to play basketball in high school and was great at it. Awesome.

The penalty for the loser in this one was twofold. First, the winner gives us an anatomy lesson using the loser's naked body as a model, making sure to show us all the good parts, in nice close-ups. Then the loser is hogtied, and the winner tickles her for five straight agonizing minutes.