Strip Basketball with Jennie and Amber

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Meet Jennie. She's a cute brunette, 18 years old and has never been naked on camera before. She'd heard that her friend-of-a-friend Amber posed nude from time to time, thought it sounded interesting, and talked to Amber about it. Amber told her that for her first time, she should definitely look up, which I found very flattering.

Way back in Episode 197, Amber risked getting a creampie from Dante, but emerged victorious against Kandie. She's going to push her luck in her contest against Jennie, this time with a new guy named Patrick standing by to do the honors. Normally, I wouldn't use such a hardcore forfeit with a girl who's totally new to naked modeling, especially one as barely-legal as Jennie, but when she heard that the game would be basketball, Jennie got really confident, believing that there was no way she would lose, so I went for it. Two girls play basketball as their clothes come off, and the loser gets a creampie.