Strip Memory with Paige and Madison

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I love it when I can get girls to stretch their comfort zones. When she arrived to play, Paige was pretty clear on her limits: no penetration. But after a day of sexy games, she didn't put up too much of an argument when I brought out the Sybian.

It's amateur first-timer Madison vs. Paige, in a test of memory, and the loser takes a ride on the Sybian while the winner works the controls. Speaking of the Sybian, I've gotta reconsider using it as a punishment for the loser. Sure, it may be humiliating to be forced to a powerful orgasm in front of the winner and the cameras, but in nearly every case, the first thing the loser says after collapsing exhausted is "I gotta get me one of those," or words to that effect. I oughtta get a commission from the Sybian folks.