Strip Disc Golf with Jennie, Patrick, and Amber

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They're back! Seasoned veteran Amber and 18-year-old rookie Jennie return for their second game, this time joined in the game by Patrick. They try out a new age for us: Disc Golf. (N.B.: Disc Golf is better known by a name for the flying discs that's trademarked by Wham-O Toys, Inc. Since we avoid using other people's trademarks, we tried to think of an alternate name and came up with "Toss-Off Golf", and the players refer to it as that.

The loser of the game, showing off her hot young body for the very first time gets turned into a human PB&J. He or she is smeared with creamy peanut butter and drizzled with jelly. I think they stuck some pieces of bread on her, too.

This game was filmed on my birthday, and the crew got me a cake. Initially the plan was to smear the loser with that as well, but we thought that the cake might not look too appetizing with the peanut butter and jelly. (Besides, we wanted to eat it.) So instead, a few token smears of frosting ended up on the loser's nose. And nipples.