Strip Basketball with Jane and Kat

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This is a "lost episode", filmed more than four years ago, never published, finally discovered and made available. Here's what happened.

Back in January 2009, I filmed Bush's Last Day, which was going to cost one young lady her bush. The players were Lily, with her famously wild bush, Kat, who'd later be known as Naomi, and later still as Amber Heavens, and Jane. The thing is, though, I really, really wanted Lily to lose. I had to offer her a very sweet deal to get her to risk losing her luxuriant pubes, and I didn't want to see that go to waste, but I wasn't willing to rig the game to make her lose. I wanted to keep it real. So I planned to have two games with a bush-shaving forfeit, with the two winners from the first game playing in the second, so even if Lily won the first game, maybe she'd lose the sequel and have to shave anyway.