Strip Battling Robots with Patrick, Amber, and Jennie

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High stakes for this one! Two girls, one guy, two winners, one loser. The loser gets taken, head and tail, by the two winners. (Either one or both of the winners will have to use a strap-on to perform, as there's only one penis among the three of them.)

It's a new game, Battling Robots. Each competitor gets a little semi-customizable battery-powered robot which they set loose on each other, with the last robot still moving the winner. The winner picks one of the other two to strip off a piece of clothing. This game actually irritated me a little, since the players said (repeatedly) that it was pure luck, and it isn't. Maybe the game itself was pure luck, but in any game where the winner of the round picks someone to strip, there's a fairly simple and obvious strategy, which every one of these players totally missed.