Strip Pod Stomp with James and Madison

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Awhile ago, while buying toys to use in forfeits, I acquired a Fleshlight. If you're not familiar with them, they're sort of the size and shape of flashlights, except instead of a lens and a bulb, there's a latex pussy. I never got around to using it, though, until this opportunity presented itself.

Young amateurs James and Madison go at it in a rousing game of Pod Stomp. If James loses, he has to fuck the Fleshlight. If Madison loses, she has to fuck the Sybian. Either way, somebody is gonna have sex with an appliance.

The winner of each round gets to take a piece of clothing off of the loser. With on-camera masturbation and a humiliating orgasm on the line, both players try their best!

This video includes a fun little post-game clip where the loser talks candidly about the experience.