Strip PodStab with Heather, Candle, and Lela

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Candle. Blonde, beautiful, perky, funny, sexy, full of puns, and veteran of nearly 20 games. She's back, and she's here to face off against two brand-new challengers. There's Lela, brunette girl-next-door type, smart, highly competitive, and ready to play. And then there's Heather, who (not to take anything away from the other two) is really something special. Sweet and angelic, with a stunning body and big breasts, it's hard not to fall in love with her. She's much too nice to risk doing anything sexual, but after seeing her body, you won't be disappointed.

The game is PodStab (previously called Puck Off here), which makes the players have to run around to hit the pucks with a vaguely-phallic device. They have to keep playing when naked, making various bits fly around when they run. If they lose again when naked, they lose the game and have to perform the forfeit.

Which, in defence to Heather's timid nature (she didn't even want to be touched in intimate areas by anyone) was fairly softcare, yet very explicit and embarrassing. Several years ago, my old tattletale production assistant Prudella DePrude made me a series of cards featuring stick figures in various revealing yoga poses. The loser of the game has to draw five of these cards and hold the poses for twenty seconds. And trust me, when she's done, she has few secrets left.