Strip Body Shots with Candle and Lela

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Lela's back for her second game, facing off one-on-one against Candle. The forfeit is a tough one: the winner gets to bang the loser silly with a strap-on, but only after shoving a butt plug up the loser's asshole, which she has to hold onto while she's getting fucked. Heather was there, but she would never take part in such a dirty forfeit, so I found a new role for her: human target.

After everyone's been properly introduced, the other girls strip Heather naked. Then they draw target areas on her body: twenty points for the tummy, thirty for the boobies, forty for the hoo-hah, and ten for everywhere else. Then they take turns shooting foam darts at her. The darts are dipped in ink, so they leave little spots on her, partly so we can tell where they hit but mostly because it looks cool. First girl to score fifty points wins the round and makes the other girl strip, unless of course the other girl doesn't have anything left to take off, in which case her orifices are going to be penetrated.