Strip Elefino with Sassy, Madison, Piper, and Bex

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True story: when I first met Sassy back in 2010 I tried to get her in a game where the loser would have to masturbate. She refused, saying that she'd never masturbated before in her life and wasn't about to do it for the very first time on camera for all to see. She was 19 years old, and I thought at the time that was a little odd, but it's happened before. In Episode 240 Cody made the same claim, although she was (happily) willing to risk having her first time masturbating memorialized on film.

Well, here it is a few years later, and Sassy has discovered the joys of the self-administered orgasm. Between her appearances, she's learned how to rub herself off, and she's willing (if not terribly eager) to risk showing us how good she's gotten at it. When I told the girls this, Piper chimed in that she had never masturbated before either. (Seriously, what is with these girls not figuring out how to masturbate? I sure didn't need lessons.) She giggled when I asked if she'd risk doing it if she lost, and then said she'd give it a try. Bex and Madison are no strangers to masturbation, but they've never done it on camera before either.