Strip Soccer Bowling with Piper, Bex, and Madison

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Time for a new game: Soccer Bowling. It's like bowling, except instead of rolling the ball, you kick it. Madison, Bex, and Piper take each other on in a free-for-all game that will end very happily for one lucky pizza delivery driver. Sassy, as the loser of Episode 380, doesn't get to play but has to be the naked ball girl, setting up the pins for the other girls in her birthday suit.

When one of the players was naked and lost again, she asked if she count her pubic hair as an article of clothing, shave it off, and keep playing. She didn't have a whole lot of hair to bet, but we decided to let her do it anyway. Off came her bush, as the cameras rolled.

Once we had our two naked losers, we called to order a pizza. The losers had to answer the door for him naked, then invite him in for a lap dance. As with all the pizza delivery drivers that have appeared in forfeits, this one was the real deal, a real pizza guy we really called to deliver a real pizza, with no inkling of what awaited him (although he did notice our camera outside the door.) I think this one was even more nervous than the girls were. Piper had some soccer experience, which gave her a distinct edge. The dances were fairly brief, to accomodate the driver's busy schedule, but still sexy.