Strip High Card with Olivia, Dakota, and Mouna

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The last time we saw this trio, in Episode 382, the loser had to let three guys cum all over her face. This time, the forfeit is a bit less hardcore, but possibly even more humiliating.

The game is High Card, and the girls are wearing six pieces of clothing each, including shoes and socks. Each time a girl draws the lowest card, she strips -- except footwear has to come off last. And the girls keep playing when they're naked, only losing the game if they lose a round and have nothing to take off. The game is played to two losers.

Now, if you do the math on this, it's very, very probable that all three girls will end up completely exposed, including the winner. The only way the winner can preserve any of her modesty is if the other two lose 14 times before she loses 4. Highly unlikely. I felt like getting all three girls naked, so these are the rules I devised.

But considering the forfeit, the winner may count herself lucky that all she had to do was strip. The winner can get dressed. The losers get dressed too -- but not in the clothes they came in with. Instead, they have to put on teeny tiny bikini tops, bikini tops that only manage to keep their nipples covered when carefully positioned. And on the bottom: no pants. No skirts. No shorts. Just panties. Thong panties. Skimpy thong panties, proudly emblazoned with Lost Betsy, the official LostBetsGames mascot.

Once they've got their outfits on, it's time to show them off. Out they go, out the door, out the hotel, onto the crowded street. Their mission is to go to the drug store to buy condoms and lube, and it's a walk of several blocks. As they stroll with it all hanging out, members of the general public stop and gawk. Many whipped out their cellphones to record the sight, pointing and laughing. So if any of you were among those who spotted this scandalously-dressed pair and wondered what the hell that was all about, now you know.