Strip O'Connell with Olivia, Mouna, and Grace

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Back in Episode 273, Bob got himself pegged in the ass by a gleeful female winner. I've always felt a little bad for the guy, but with this clip, it's more than made up for.
New girls Olivia and Mouna make their debuts, joined by big-boobed veteran Grace. It's a free-for-all game of Strip O'Connell, where the players must slide tokens across a sort of mini-shuffleboard. Each time they lose a round, Bob gets to take a piece of clothing from them. And the girl who loses a round and has nothing left to take off has to submit to being fucked silly by Bob, while the other two watch and giggle. The loser ends up with a chestful of cum, after finishing Bob off with an incredible BJ. You're welcome, Bob.