Strip Air Hockey with James and Madison ft. Delilah

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Please welcome new girl Delilah. She doesn't actually play in this game, but she does participate. Delilah was Johnny's girlfriend, and while she would have liked to compete in the games, her daddy and uncles would have murdered us. So she did the next best thing, which is to refer her friends, like Madison. In this episode, she keeps her clothes on, but she acts as designated clothing-remover. Whenever either James or Madison lost a round of air hockey, Delilah gets to strip an article of clothing from them. She also has a role to play in the forfeit.

Which involves corporal punishment. The loser is secured naked on all fours in the stockade, and then comes the ass-whooping. Both Delilah and the winner get to whack the loser's defenseless derriere a total of thirty times: ten with the paddle, ten with a riding crop, and ten with bare hands. Ouch.