Earth and Fire with Dakota, Mouna, and Olivia

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Earth and Fire is a game of forced orgasms. Specifically, it's about trying to force your opponents to cum while fighting off their efforts to make you cum. The three girls each throw out either Earth (closed ) or Fire (two fingers extended). If all three match, they all throw again. Otherwise, the two who match get to do whatever they want to the odd girl out's body for a fixed length of time. Then they all throw again, except the winners have an extra five seconds to stimulate the loser. Repeat until someone can't take it anymore and succumbs to orgasm. I've liked this game ever since I first tried it, but it turns out to have a pretty big flaw, which this episode exposed. I'll have to come up with a way of fixing it before the next game of Earth and Fire.

Olivia and Mouna are back to play, along with the One True Dakota. Watching them with great interest are Conor, Flynt, and Richard, because they get to gangbang the loser, all three of them. She gets her mouth and pussy well-filled, while the winners (still naked and flushed after the game of Earth and Fire) helpfully keep the boys fluffed when they're on-deck. One of the winners also straps on to get a piece of the action for herself. Finally, the boys finish off by jerking off onto the loser's face, leaving her with a triple facial and me with my first clip in Category: BUKAKKE. Enjoy!