Wheel of Torment with Rachel, Jordana, and Michelle

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Behold the Wheel of Torment! It's a big, 16-segment wheel with the following spaces:

Strip (6x)
Safe (3x)
Make someone else strip
Do 10 jumping jacks
Do 10 trampoline jumps
Receive 10 spanks
Get groped for 10 seconds
Hold a yoga pose for 10 seconds
Play with your boobs for 10 seconds
Rachel, Jordana, and Michelle have to take turns spinning this thing, and doing what it says. Clothes come off, boobs are played with, bodies are groped, butts are spanked. (The wheel wasn't quite level and had a tendency to drift backwards after spinning, but that's okay.) And if a girl lands on STRIP but doesn't have anything to take off, she's the ultimate loser and must pay the price.

The loser of this one has obscene, insulting, and embarrassing things drawn on her. At first it was just the winners doing the drawing, but before too long our camerafolks Delilah and Quarry decided they wanted in on the action. They grab some markers and started doodling. By the time the four of them were finished, the loser's body was a veritable canvas of art.