Strip Acronym Trivia with Ashlyn, Olivia, and Brooklyn

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The game is Acronym Trivia, featuring our beautiful mistress of ceremonies, Ashley. The contestants are three of our hottest new players: 19-year-old waif Ashlyn, beautiful blushing Olivia, and blonde pixie Brooklyn.

The way the game works is that Ashley reads an acronym, like AIDS or RADAR. The girls buzz in and say what the acronym stands for. If they get it wrong, they have to strip. If they're right, the other two strip. Hippo and I came up with this game after we saw an acronym quiz in the paper. What we didn't take into consideration is the fact that we are geeks, and most beautiful girls are (sadly) not. Turns out that 19-year-old hotties don't necessarily know what LCD stands for. So things got a bit comical as eventually Ashley tossed out our set of acronym cards and started coming her own, like LMFAO.

The game goes down to the wire, with only one piece of clothing left among the three girls. There's a pretty intense forfeit in store for the loser. Watching with keen interest were Bob and Flint, since the two of them got to take the ultimate loser together. While the loser got double-teamed, the two winners weren't idle, but found ways to contribute and enjoy themselves. The loser gets well and truly fucked.