Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Blossom, Jelly, and Indigo

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After staying away for two years, Jelly is back, and she's brought friends. Blue-haired Indigo and super-pierced Blossom join the LostBetsGames family, two young amateurs making their first-ever appearances on video. The game was Rock-Paper-Scissors. Two girls play, with the loser stripping off a garment and the winner staying to face the third girl. Repeat until two girls lose while naked.

These girls are pretty shy about exposing their bodies to everyone, and weren't willing to risk doing much more than that. This game's losers have to hold five revealing yoga poses from our deck. These were supposed to be drawn randomly, but after the first one had her friends wide open and on full display, the winner decided to pick the poses out herself in an effort to save their modesty. Not to worry, though: our dedicated camera crew, Morgan and Homer, were on the ball and made sure that everything was seen and the losers had no secrets left.